Every year in February the industry gets together from all over the globe in Tucson Arizona for an industry trade show. It’s the highlight of the year for most designers and it sets the trends for the rest of the year. Being able to source and buy all the stones and diamonds you could ever imagine in one place is very inspirational and exciting!

Kerri has been going to Tucson for 30 years and Mariah was lucky enough to start attending at 16 years old and has been almost every year since! Buying not only for KVK but for other designers in NYC. We love seeing our jewelry friends from across the globe- India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Austria, and China just to name a few!

The hunt to find the next unusual stone, perfect horn cuff, special one of a kind diamond, newest materials and more is the most exhilarating experience for any stone lover.

We’re excited to see what we will find this year for the Jewelers Vault! Be sure to check out our instagram all February long to see the exciting sites of the lovely Tucson and the newest treasures for the store!

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